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BOPP Tapes
BOPP Tapes are Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene tapes used for sealing cartons without distortion of products inside cartons. These tapes are environment friendly and keep cartons binded for longer time without causing any damage due to impact of outer environment.
Packing & Sealing Tapes

Go through various range of Packing & Sealing Tapes which are used for the purpose of general wrapping or enclosing of products into boxes for handling, storing or shipping. These tapes provide integrity and keep products safe from distortion or breakage. 
Adhesive Tapes
Adhesive tapes made from combination of material and adhesive film which are used to join objects together as a substitute to  screws, welding, etc. These tapes are mostly used in mechanical industries for simplifying the process of manufacturing and they are light in weight too.
Self Strip Adhesive Tape for Advertisement
We are offering various kinds of Self Strip Adhesive Tape For Advertisement for use in various kinds of commercial and promotional uses. They are very efficient and made using high quality materials for high adhesion. They are suitable for packaging.